Industrial Leather

10th Jun 15 | Fashion

Since first styling Ecco Shoes on TV3 Xposé last November I have been a fan of them. I love a heel as much as the next person but after seeing the pain that my brother went through having a bunion mended, which involved breaking his foot, I’ve become much more conscious of investing in proper footwear. The cause of the bunion, amongst other factors was ill fitting and non-supportive footwear.

One of the (few) tough things about my job as a stylist on Xposé is that I come into contact with so, so many beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories, and have to return them all. It’s really challenging and always tempting to dig into the overdraft and splurge, but something I try to control! When we were shooting theses high-tops I fell in love. I really wanted them. However it was a few more months until the funds were there, and finally they were mine.

Like most people my style varies from wanting to be girly & feminine to needing things to be more practical. Sometimes I like to toughen things up a little. Within a week of owning said shoes, a gorgeous invitation to lunch in the country that would involve meeting and playing with some lambs arrived. There was a specific note to ‘bring wellies’ and basically dress practically. I don’t actually have wellies and I wasn’t going to buy them just for the occasion. Thankfully though, the day was sunny and bright and really fresh.

Knowing I wasn’t ever going to be the most practical person on the farm I threw on my high-tops with my Iclothing trousers. That would just have to do! I have to say I really love these Iclothing wet-look quilted leggings. The T-Shirt is my boyfriends. I don’t know why but for some reason guy’s clothes are just automatically comfier. I like the contrast of the baggier elements of the T-Shirt with the skin tight trousers. Like most people I’d feel too self-conscious if everything was all tight anyway.

To break up the monochrome the Parfois crossover completed the look and added a bit of colour.  We did the shoot in a barn just before arriving. The sun was perfect and it had that kind of vast industrial feeling I wanted. The day was bliss and I fell in love with the lambs.Sometimes some days, without even major planning, are just perfect. This was absolutely one of them. I hope you enjoyed this week’s look!

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