Emilia Clarke uses 'secret' lingerie to boost confidence

17th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke slips into sexy underwear whenever she needs a little confidence boost.

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The British actress portrays strong and fearless dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen in the hit TV adaptation of the fantasy novels, but when she occasionally finds herself battling self-assurance issues off-screen, she relies on her love of good lingerie to get back on top.

"I love dressing up," she tells The Mirror. "I especially love sexy underwear. If you're feeling like you're having an off day, put on the sexiest underwear you have underneath your clothes and it makes you feel really like, 'Ooh, I've got a secret that you don't know!'"

Emilia has also learned how to block out the negativity from critics online - she simply pays them no attention.

"I'm on social media, but I don't look at the stuff that other people tag me in, because it just messes me up," she shares. "Like, 'I'm hideous and fat,' but then if I don't read it, I save myself. If you hate me, I don't need to know."

The 30-year-old star's new approach to blocking the unwanted criticism appears to be working wonders for Emilia as she previously admitted she found it hard to adjust to life in the spotlight following the huge early success of Game of Thrones.

"I was plagued by self-doubt and anxiety," she told Australia's The Daily Telegraph of her early career.

However, the actress has since discovered ways of dealing with her personal struggles, and it's something she is determined to fully overcome: "I want to keep learning and never stop working on myself so that I can be more open and engaged in whatever I do," she added.

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