Toni Collette adapting Invisible City novel for TV

13th Jul 17 | Entertainment News

Actress Toni Collette is developing a new series based on Julia Dahl's novel Invisible City.

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The Sixth Sense star has written the script for the pilot episode and will also serve as an executive producer on the show, according to

The series will centre on an aspiring journalist, who becomes immersed in the Hasidic Jewish community after she is asked to cover a murder while she is searching for her mother, who abandoned her for the religion.

"I love Julia Dahl's novel because it's about fighting for personal freedom and living an authentic life," a statement from the actress reads. "It couldn't be a more relevant time to tell this story about acceptance and integration, or lack thereof. These complex female characters are honest, flawed and inspiring. We can always use more of those."

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