Kate Winslet refuses to employ domestic help

14th Jun 17 | Entertainment News

Kate Winslet refuses to employ domestic staff as she wants her children to have an ordinary upbringing.

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The Oscar winning actress, 41, has two teenage children and one young son, but says that although she can afford to pay for domestic staff to help her with her motherly duties, she insists on carrying them out herself.

"I don't have staff," Kate tells Harper's Bazaar magazine. "I don't have a chef or a driver or things like that. I would be so unhappy if I had those things and I wouldn't feel like I was being a real person anymore. Just because I am in a position where I can have those things, it doesn't mean that I have to."

The Titanic star explains that both she and her children Mia Honey, 16, Joe Alfie, 13, and Bear Blaze, 3, would be unhappy if she were too busy to help them, as parenthood helps motivate her in life.

"It just wouldn't be right for my family - I know that my kids would absolutely hate it. I want them to look back and remember my chicken soup and my packed lunches and that it was me on the school run. Somehow being able to pull all these things off, in turn gives me incredible confidence, which ultimately motivates me to keep going."

The British actress has one child from each of from her three marriages, to director Jim Threapleton, American Beauty filmmaker Sam Mendes and her current spouse, the businessman Ned RocknRoll.

Kate says that now she's reached her forties, she feels more satisfied with life than ever, as all she cares about is making her family happy.

"To be quite honest all that bulls**t just evaporates," she says of the concerns that preoccupied her as a young woman and actress. "Once you reach your forties, you're just so damn grateful to be healthy and have great riches in your life, like a lovely husband and happy kids - and all of the other s**t just kind of goes away. You just don't care anymore."

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