Date Night: Alien: Covenant

12th May 17 | Entertainment News

Those pesky xenomorphs are at it again.

Those pesky xenomorphs are at it again.

The latest prequel to Gladiator director Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi flick Alien, aptly titled Alien: Covenant, has hit theatres with plenty of aplomb, but how do the two-mouthed monsters fair up nearly 40 years on?

Alien: Covenant finds the crew of a spaceship carrying 2000 colonists to a new planet abruptly awoken and investigating a mysterious signal from a planet in deep space, only to have the inevitable happen when they land and check out the planet.

Michael Fassbender returns to the fold to turn in some stellar performances, but Danny McBride, better known for comedies like Pineapple Express and This Is The End, really steals the show as Tennessee, the lovable and relatable everyman.

Be prepared to spill some popcorn as Alien: Covenant puts you through your paces with it's action-packed thrills, but beware, there are grizzly moments that will make even the bravest turn their head. The film is definitely on the darker side, and suffers from a bit of drag in the middle, but with such an engaging cast and energetic setpieces, you will be hard set to not find something here to enjoy.