EastEnders new trailer teases some HUGE spoilers including a pregnancy and a death

12th May 17 | Entertainment News

If you’re a fan of the show you NEED to see this

EastEnders have released a brand new Summer trailer and it looks like there’s some (extra) dramatic times ahead of the residents of Walford.

The trailer hints at how some of the major storylines are set to play out and also gives us a sneak peak at the return of Sonia, Robbie, Cora, Linda and Yolande and the first glimpse of newbies Ted and Joyce, the Taylor family and Fi Browning.

It looks like Jack is ready to flee with the children as he risks being put away for a violent encounter with Charlie.

The new Taylor family have a confrontational entrance with Stacey shouting down loud mouth mum Karen in the Square. Ted and Joyce have some skeletons in their closet and it may have something to do with the Taylor family and that mysterious black box.

Troubled Bex is seen purchasing pregnancy test and we see a positive result- but is it hers or someone else’s?

Steven decides to track Lauren’s movements as she grows closer to Josh and he uses a knife to pierce a hole in a condom. Perhaps it’s Lauren who’s pregnant?

Mick loses it with Shirley after he discovers the Vic is under the control of newbie Fi and he also has a broken Whitney to deal with. It looks like she will struggle in the coming weeks following Lee’s request for a divorce, even making a pass at Woody.

Max is still lurking around in the background and it looks like he continues to put his plan into action with the reappearance of his mysterious boss but could Mick Carter be on to him?

Denise eventually goes to get help with her financial difficulties, where she comes across Cora but she hits rock bottom as she collapses in a classroom.

The very end of the trailer perhaps gives us the biggest teaser of all as one of the longest serving soap characters collapses- could Dot be leaving the Square for good?

Catch the full trailer below: