Julian Lennon releasing children's books about the environment

12th Apr 17 | Entertainment News

Julian Lennon has written a children's book to teach kids about protecting the planet.

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John Lennon's son teamed up with author Bart Davis and illustrator Smiljana Coh to write Touch the Earth, and he is planning to release two other books.

He explains the project was a natural next step for him.

"After having written songs about environmental and humanitarian issues, worked as executive producer on several award winning documentaries and founded (sic) the White Feather Foundation, I asked myself what was next in that line of thought and direction," he tells People magazine. "What could I do to reach people who were complacent about those very issues?"

"After a lovely chat with a dear friend of mine, Bart Davis - an incredibly talented writer, we mulled over the idea that (children) were the only age group I hadn't really reached out to, as such," he adds. "So we decided to play around with ideas, until we came up with the first book together."

For Julian, writing the book mirrored his songwriting technique and proved to be a smooth process.

"My writing process is much like my songwriting and lyric process," he explains. "I come up with an idea or concept, then fine-tune it until it makes sense to me as a whole, and also touches me emotionally to the degree that I feel anyone else listening or reading it would feel the same, emotionally, as I do."

The book was released on Tuesday (11Apr17), ahead of Earth Day on 22 April (17), and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Lennon's White Feather Foundation, which fights for environmental and humanitarian causes all over the world. The 53-year-old launched the foundation in 2009 and reveals the white feather symbol is significant because it was inspired by his late father.

"Dad once said to me that should he pass away, if there was a way of letting me know he was OK, the message would come in the form of a white feather," he says. "Then, while on tour with the album Photograph Smile (in 1998) in Australia, I was presented with a white feather by an Aboriginal tribal elder."

"It definitely took my breath away," he continues. "The White Feather Foundation was created for the purpose of giving a voice and support to those who cannot be heard. The tribal elders asked for my help, as I could bring awareness to their plight and to others who were suffering the same. Having had the white feather bestowed upon me, I knew this endeavour was to be part of my destiny. The white feather has always represented peace to me, as well as communication."

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