Celebrities slam United Airlines bosses over dress code controversy

27th Mar 17 | Entertainment News

Celebrities including Patricia Arquette and Sarah Silverman are slamming bosses at United Airlines for reportedly not allowing a group of young girls wear leggings on a flight.

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Passenger Shannon Watts claimed the girls were told to change by United Airlines workers at the gate before they were allowed on the Colorado flight to Minnesota.

"A @united gate agent isn't letting girls in leggings get on flight from Denver to Minneapolis because spandex is not allowed?" she tweeted on Sunday. "She's forcing them to change or put dresses on over leggings or they can't board. Since when does @united police women's clothing?"

A representative for the airline, responded, "They have the right to refuse transport for passengers who are barefoot or not properly clothed." The representative also explained the girls were travelling on a discounted ticket and the dress code is stricter because they represent the airline.

However, celebrities have taken to social media to slam their rule.

"@united Why aren't you allowing girls to wear leggings on flights? Who is your gate agent policing girls clothing?," Arquette wrote.

"Hey @united I fly a LOT. About to go on tour all April and changing all my @united flights to other airlines," Silverman added.

"I have flown united before with literally no pants on," Chrissy Teigen also wrote. "Just a top as a dress. Next time I will wear only jeans and a scarf."

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