Harry Connick, Jr. secretly cooked squirrel for his wife

25th Nov 16 | Entertainment News

Singer/actor Harry Connick, Jr. once tricked his wife into eating squirrel after telling her it was chicken.

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The Way You Look Tonight hitmaker reveals he wanted to find a way to introduce his actress wife Jill Goodacre to the unique meat so he decided to dress it up in a stew - and then lied about the main ingredient.

"She learned after she ate it," he confessed on U.S. breakfast show Today. "I made a nice squirrel stew for her, and told her it was chicken, because she wasn't gonna eat it if it was squirrel...!

"Afterwards, she said, 'That's some good chicken.'"

Harry felt so guilty about the ruse he had to come clean, and his tasty prank landed him the silent treatment.

"I said, 'Jill, I've gotta tell you the truth - that's not (chicken), that's squirrel!'" he smiled. "For three days she didn't talk to me!"

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