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Focus on Fitness

Wed, 14 September 2016

Focus on Fitness

Would you like to get into shape & improve your fitness but don't know where to begin?

Is your life so busy that you find yourself snatching meals on the go? Your diet will have a significant impact on your energy levels and enthusiasm for exercise. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself, a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle could help give you the energy you need to get the most out of life.

Get Started

Physical activity does not have to be strenuous, competitive or time consuming to be good for you. Even short sessions of activity can be effective. Aim to achieve at least 30 minutes of exercise most days.

·         Go for a quick walk during your lunch break.

·         Clear out the shed, cut the grass, walk the dog.

·         Establish a new tradition of a family walk at weekends.

·         Take up a new hobby such as yoga, dancing, water aerobics, pitch and putt, golf or swimming.

Stay Motivated

·         Exercise with a friend.

·         Choose activities you enjoy.

·         Vary your activities as much as possible.

·         Wear comfortable shoes.

·         Don't lose enthusiasm if you break your routine, just start again!


Levels of Activity

Did you Know ......




Washing Dishes

Vacuum cleaning

Climbing stairs


Making beds


Dusting & Cleaning

Walking 3-4 km/hr

Walking 6-7km/hr

General office work

Painting & Decorating






Cleaning windows





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