Thursday, 18 August 2016

Cork becomes biker's paradise for a weekend

Cork is set to become a biker's paradise this weekend. And its for a good cause. Our southern correspondent Paul Byrne has the story.

A man has been arrested after a major drugs seizure in Dublin. Cannabis herb with an estimated street value of appr…

8:49 AM - 19 Apr 18

A new opinion poll shows support for Fine Gael has fallen slightly in recent months. The Ipsos MRBI poll in…

7:45 AM - 19 Apr 18

Prosecutors in the US will today announce whether anyone will be charged over the death of the musician Prince. #3News

6:32 AM - 19 Apr 18

Nearly 3 and a half million people are without power after a massive power cut on the island of Puerto Rico. #3News

6:31 AM - 19 Apr 18

The television presenter Dale Winton has died at the age of 62. #3News

6:31 AM - 19 Apr 18

A nanny in New York has been found guilty of murdering two children in her care. #3News

6:31 AM - 19 Apr 18

US aviation chiefs have ordered tests on the engines of certain planes following an incident on a passenger jet in…

6:30 AM - 19 Apr 18

President Trump says he will walk away from talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un if they are not fruitful. #3News

6:30 AM - 19 Apr 18