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Cookies are small pieces of text that many websites store on your computer to faciliate various functions. We list here the various cookies that may get stored on your computer by TV3 and our partners while you browse the site. We have grouped the cookies by the functionality they provide and, where possible, provided instructions on how to block or opt-out of specific cookie types, should you wish to do so. You may also configure your browser to block all cookies. Instructions vary between different browsers but www.aboutcookies.org provides good information on how to do this, as well as general information on cookies.

Below, we provide information on specific cookies organised into the following groups:

Analytics - these cookies help us to understand how popular different pages on the site are so we can improve the site content and performance
Technical - these cookies are required for the technical functioning of the website
Site cookies - these cookies are used to provide functionality within the site to make it easier to use and to improve the user experience
3rd Party Social - where we have integrated social media sites into tv3.ie, those partners sometimes set cookies
3rd Party Advertising - tv3.ie is funded entirely from advertising and out partner advertisers set cookies to help them in delivering ads to the site. TV3 works with third party advertising partners and allows such third party advertising partners to target and serve Creatives, and use cookies on our websites to collect non-personally identifiable data for use in connection with the delivery of such Creatives. Please click here to learn more about behavioural advertising and how you can opt out if you so wish.


DomainSession CookieNameDescription
tv3.ieN__utmatv3.ie uses Google Analytics to track anonymized usage statistics for the site. This helps us to know which pages are most popular, how many people visit the site each day and so on. Google provides more details on how these cookies are used here: http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/concepts/gaConceptsCookies.html
tv3.ieN__utmbSee above
tv3.ieY__utmcSee above
tv3.ieN__utmzSee above
tv3.ieN__utmaSee above
tv3.ieN__utmbSee above
tv3.ieY__utmcSee above
tv3.ieN__utmzSee above
scorecardresearch.comNUIDThis cookie contains an anonymous unique id that is generated on the Akamai servers that serve the scorecardresearch.com domains. It is also being used to store state values. The expiration on this cookie will be refreshed by 2 years if a web browser sends a request to scorecardresearch.com and the expiry is less then one year from when the request is sent.
scorecardresearch.comNUIDRThis cookie contains a timestamp corresponding with the last time the UID cookie was set (or refreshed).
scorecardresearch.comNNO_COOKIEThis cookie is set when a user has performed an opt-out for tracking.
scorecardresearch.comNEVLUThe AdXpose measurement servers used this cookie for Unique Cookie reporting in AdXpose reports. Data collection for AdXpose was moved from event.adxpose.com to a.scorecardresearch.com in the beginning of 2012 with the launch of vCE, which is when the EVLU cookies started appearing on the scorecardresearch.com domain.
scorecardresearch.comNSUR_OPTOUTThis cookie is set when a user has performed an opt-out for surveys.

DomainSession CookieNameDescription
tv3.ieYX-Mapping-pekihbictv3.ie is hosted and server by multiple web servers for purposes of load balancing and reliability. This cookie is used to help the load balancer to know which server you are currently using and for no other purpose.
tv3.ieYX-Mapping-pekihbicSee above
Site Cookies

DomainSession CookieNameDescription
tv3.ieYPHPSESSIDSome pages on tv3.ie have a form that allows you to send an article or video to a friend by e-mail. Forms like this are often targeted by spammers. This cookie is used to counteract that.
tv3.ieNvideoHistoryThis cookie is used by 3player to remember which videos you have watched recently. This is only used to avoid suggesting a video that you have just watched.
tv3.ieNWRUIDThis is an obsolete cookie that is no longer used. It can safely be removed or, in time, will expire naturally.
tv3.ieYpoll_completeWe use this cookie to know if you have completed a poll so we can show the results.
tv3.ieYage_ok_cookieThis cookie is set when you confirm you are over 18 in order to watch certain videos.
tv3.ieNweather_locationOur weather section offers you the ability to set a default location for your weather forecasts. This cookie is used to store that data.
3rd Party Social

DomainSession CookieNameDescription
.addthis.comNuidtv3.ie uses the addthis.com service to allow sharing of articles and videos. Details on the purpose of their cookies and an opt-out mechanism can be found here: http://www.addthis.com/privacy/opt-out
.addthis.comNuvcSee above
.twitter.comNpidWe use elements from twitter.com throughout the site. This cookie is set by Twitter.
3rd Party Advertising

DomainSession CookieNameDescription
videoplaza.tvNpidThis cookie is set by our ad server platform, Videoplaza. More information and opt-out here: http://www.videoplaza.com/privacy
.doubleclick.netNidThis cookie is set by the Doubleclick ad platform, which is owned by Google. More information here: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/ads/
.doubleclick.netN_drt_See above
.flashtalking.comNflashtalkingad1Flashtalking is an ad server. More details, including information on cookies and opt-out, here: http://www.flashtalking.com
.smartadserver.comNTestIfCookiePThis is an ad server. More information on privacy and cookies is here: http://smartadserver.de/privacy-policy
.smartadserver.comYTestIfCookieSee above
.smartadserver.comNpbwmaj6See above
.smartadserver.comNpbwSee above
.smartadserver.comNpidSee above
.smartadserver.comNpdomidSee above
.smartadserver.comNdyncdnSee above