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Code of Practice on Complaints Handling

Code of Practice on Complaints Handling

At TV3 we aim at all times to deliver the best service possible to viewers. As part of this service we are always interested in feedback from our viewers that may enable us to improve the service in any way. To give general feedback on TV3/3e programming, you can contact us on info@tv3.ie or by post at:
Westgate Business Park
Dublin 12

In relation to more serious complaints, TV3 is required under the Broadcasting Act 2009, to have in place a Code of Practice for complaints handling. This Code of Practice sets out and explains our complaints handling process and ensures that all complaints made under this Code will be dealt with in an efficient and effective manner. We note that TV3 is a station that broadcasts programmes for adults/young adults, and as such all content on TV3 is intended for this audience and not for children, this will be borne in mind when assessing complaints.
It should be noted that this Code of Practice only deals with specific categories of complaints, as outlined herein.

1. What can I complain about?

If you believe that a broadcast on TV3/3e has breached one of the following obligations, you may submit a complaint to us:

i. News
We will ensure that our news programming is objective and impartial and that it does not contain any expression of our own views.

Code of Fairness, Objectivity and Impartiality.

ii. Current Affairs
We will ensure that our current affairs programmes are objective and impartial and do not contain any of our own views and that we will treat the subject matter and all interests concerned fairly.

iii. Programmes
We will ensure that our programmes do not contain material that may be reasonably thought to
cause harm and offence - however, while we will respond in the first instance to a complaint that a viewer considers to be harmful/offensive, TV3 will not respond in great detail unless there are a number of complaints on the same issue, in order to ensure proportionality
tend to promote or incite crime
tend to undermine the authority of the State
unreasonably encroach on the privacy of an individual
We will also ensure that all programming complies with The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland's Code of Programme Standards.
iv. Commercial Communications
All commercial communications broadcast by TV3/3e shall be compliant with the following BAI Codes:

General Commercial Communications Code

Children's Commercial Communications Code

2. How do I make a complaint?
In the first instance you can contact TV3 by email at complaints@tv3.ie or by telephone on (01)4193333. A member of staff will attempt to resolve the matter effectively. If we are unable to successfully resolve the matter and you believe your complaint falls within one of the categories listed above, you should submit the following details in writing;
your name and address1
the category under which you believe your complaint falls (as listed above)
the date, time and channel of broadcast
the name of the programme/commercial communication that is the subject of your complaint
details of what in the broadcast caused you to make a complaint
In order to assist viewers a complaint form can be downloaded from our website at: www.tv3.ie
If your complaint does not contain all of the information required we cannot guarantee that it will be processed. TV3 shall not accept complaints which we deem to be frivolous and/or vexatious in nature, nor will complaints using offensive or threatening language be responded to.
TV3 is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 - 2003.
3. How soon should I make my complaint after the broadcast?
Under the Broadcasting Act 2009, complaints must be made no more than 30 after broadcast:
a) If the complaint relates to one broadcast the complaint must be made within 30 days of this broadcast
b) If it relates to two or more unrelated broadcasts on different dates, the complaint must be made within 30 days of the earliest broadcast
c) If it relates to two or more related broadcasts on different dates, the complaint must be made within 30 days of the latest of these broadcasts.

Complaints submitted outside of these time periods will not be accepted.

4. Where should I send my complaint?
You can submit your complaint to the following address:
The Director of Government, Regulatory and Legal Affairs
Westgate Business Park
Dublin 24


5. What will happen to my complaint?
When a reasonable complaint has been accepted by TV3, we will work to resolve the issue in question, as efficiently as possible. An appropriate member of staff will:
Contact you to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 7 days
Consider the issues raised in your complaint and review the broadcast identified in your complaint
If appropriate, we will contact any person to whom your complaint relates i.e. advertiser, producer, presenter, in order to allow them to provide their input into TV3's response
Will respond to your complaint within 21 days of receipt, and will, as far as practicable, address all issues raised in your complaint. The reasons for TV3's decision will be set out in this response.
We shall keep all valid complaints accepted under this Code on file for a period of 2 years from the date of receipt.

6. What are the potential outcomes for my complaint?
Your complaint may be upheld or rejected by TV3. If your complaint is rejected, it means we believe our broadcast was in compliance with our obligations listed in this Code of Practice.
Upholding a complaint means we believe that our programming did not meet our obligations.

If your complaint is upheld, we will attempt to resolve it to your satisfaction. The manner of resolution shall be decided on a case by case basis and may take the form of an apology, a correction, clarification and/or the offer of a rebuttal as appropriate.

7. What if I do not receive a response or am not satisfied with the response I receive?
If we have not responded to your complaint within 21 days or if you are not satisfied with our response you can then refer your complaint to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. The BAI will consider your compliant and may carry out a review of the complaint and TV3's response. Information on how to refer your complaint to the BAI is available on the BAI website www.bai.ie or from the following address:

Complaints Officer
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
2 - 5 Warrington Place
Dublin 2 Email: complaints@bai.ie

8. Record of complaints
We are required under the Broadcasting Act 2009 to keep a record of all complaints submitted in accordance with this Code of Practice for a period of two years. We are also required to provide these records to the BAI Compliance Committee of the BAI, if the Committee requests them. Our records will include copies of your complaint, our response/s and the copies of the broadcast material in question.

9. TV3 reserves the right to alter this Code of Practice upon placing and revisions/alterations on this URL.

If you have any further queries please contact TV3 on info@tv3.ie