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Trio of Bruschetta

Ireland AM

We're making ourselves a fancy picnic today, Charlo, the chef at the Martello is doing the honours

Monday, 4th Jun 9.35am


Debs Fashion Part Two

So you have your date sorted, the tickets booked and the limo ordered - that only leaves the dress! The most important thing of all! 7mins

Monday, 25th Jun 10.20am

Stay safe in the sun

The Irish Cancer Society is urging the public to take measures to protect their skin and follow the SunSmart code. 8mins

Monday, 25th Jun 10.10am

Debs Fashion Part One

Stylist Lorna Duffy joined us with a selection of styles that will have you feeling like a princess on your special night. 7mins

Monday, 25th Jun 9.45am

Soaps Preview

Its another jam-packed week in both Corrie and the Dales and our soapwatcher Gary Brennan joined us with all the drama for the week ahead. 7mins

Monday, 25th Jun 9.20am

Returning to work

Returning to work after a hiatus is never easy. What can you do to make sure that you will be ready? 8mins

Monday, 25th Jun 9.10am