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Vicky Phelan

Ireland AM

Vicky Phelan has vowed to take on the HSE saying "Who knew what and when, they are the critical questions that need answered."

Tuesday, 1st May 8.10am


AM: Hit Machine Drummers

Interview with Kevin Curran from the Hit Machine Drummers about how the band got together, how they rehearse and what they are up to for the rest of the year 6mins

Friday, 25th May 10.20am

AM: Summer Fashion 2

Stylist Michele McGrath is back with the know-how on dressing for the season 6mins

Friday, 25th May 10.10am

AM: Summer Fashion 1

Stylist Michele McGrath joins us now with three sun-ready looks 6mins

Friday, 25th May 9.45am

AM: Beauty Beach Essentials

Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd gives us some tips on the must have beauty products for the beach  4mins

Friday, 25th May 9.00am

AM: Coder Dojo

The 7th Annual Coder Dojo Cool Projects Awards are on in thr RDS tomorrow 8mins

Friday, 25th May 8.55am