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Consultant Paediatrician Doctor John Fitzsimons on Food Allergie

Ireland AM

Consultant Paediatrician Doctor John Fitzsimons joins us now to tell us more about food allergies and what to do if you suffer from a severe allergic reaction

Tuesday, 13th Feb 7.45am


Race day fashion part two

Race days are key events of the social calendar and one of the trickiest to master in the style stakes.  6mins

Tuesday, 20th Feb 10.15am

Getting a Hollywood smile

Clare McKenna travelled to County Kildare to find out some of the ways that you can achieve a Hollywood smile!  4mins

Tuesday, 20th Feb 10.10am

Race day fashion

Competing horses may be the focal point on race days, but the real battlefield is on the lawns where the women fight it out in the style stakes! 5mins

Tuesday, 20th Feb 9.45am

Preventing crime on farms

Every farmer across the country knows the fear of having their property or livestock taken. But what measure can you take to ensure your livelihood is protected?  10mins

Tuesday, 20th Feb 9.40am

Active families

Dr Colman Noctor, Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, joined us to talk about the importance of activity when it comes to family well-being  9mins

Tuesday, 20th Feb 9.15am