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At The Movies

Ireland AM

You might be planning a trip to the cinema this weekend, but what's worth watching? Spin 1038's Sarina Bellissimo joins me now to suss the hits from the misses

Thursday, 30th Mar 9.35am


Sportswear Style Part Two

Stylist Lorna Duffy had some more great practical and stylish looks for when you want to be active.  5mins

Friday, 21st Apr 10.15am

Therapy Q and A Part Two

Psychotherapist Karen Leonard stayed with us to answer some more of our viewers questions.  8mins

Friday, 21st Apr 10.10am

Sportswear Style Part One

Stylist Lorna Duffy had some sportswear that is functional and stylish.  5mins

Friday, 21st Apr 9.45am

Therapist Questions and Answers

Therapist Karen Leonard was in the studio to give some advice on issues that our viewers are experiencing.  9mins

Friday, 21st Apr 9.35am

Eco-friendly beauty picks

Laura Bermingham from the Irish Mail on Sunday was on hand to review some of Emma Watson's top eco-friendly beauty picks! 8mins

Friday, 21st Apr 9.20am