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National Fertility Awareness Week

Sunday AM

Joining us to discuss is Medical Director of Sims IVF, Dr John Kennedy with Mary and Howard Hughes who have two children through IVF

Sunday, 22nd Jul 10.25am


TV Preview

Some of the biggest annual TV events of the summer are about to hit our screens again this week. Killian O'Sullivan had the details.  5mins

Sunday, 19th Aug 11.50am

Transeasonal Fashion Part Two

We're looking at transeasonal dressing this morning. Stylist Laura Jordan stayed with us. 6mins

Sunday, 19th Aug 11.40am

Alan Kerins

Former Galway hurling and football star Alan Kerins joined us ahead of the All-Ireland hurling final. 9mins

Sunday, 19th Aug 11.30am

Drunken Portuguese Peri Peri Chicken

Chef Dean Diplock from the Radison Blu hotel was still at the BBQ and had this delicious chicken recipe.  6mins

Sunday, 19th Aug 11.15am

Post-holiday blues

Psychologist Allison Keating joins us now with advice on beating the post-holiday blues. 7mins

Sunday, 19th Aug 10.45am