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Sunday roast part two

Sunday AM

Alan Foley from Step House Hotel in Borris, Co Carlow stayed with to finish off our Sunday roast. 

Sunday, 27th May 11.20am


T.V Preview

If you're sick of the World Cup already - I'm not, for the record - there's still pleny of other stuff worth catching on the box. Killian O'Sullivan has all the details on what's worth watching. 6mins

Sunday, 17th Jun 11.45am

Father's Day Fashion Part 2

We're looking at styles for your dad's this Father's Day.Stylist Laura Mullett has stayed with us. 6mins

Sunday, 17th Jun 11.35am

Father's Day Lunch Part 2

Now that we've polished off our plates from our Father's Day lunch, it's time to move on to dessert. Dean Diplock from the Radisson Blu in Athlone has stayed with us.   9mins

Sunday, 17th Jun 11.15am

Consumer Advice - Fuel

Fuel prices have soared to their highest level in almost three years according to figures from insurer AA Ireland. To find out more we speak to consumer expert Siobhán Maguire. 8mins

Sunday, 17th Jun 10.45am

Father's Day Fashion Part 1

It's Father's Day, don't you know. So today we're looking at styles for your dad.Stylist Laura Mullett joins us with her top picks. 7mins

Sunday, 17th Jun 10.35am