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Summer brights

Sunday AM

New Summer styles have hit the high street and as ever, there's a feast of colour on offer. But how do you navigate your way around Summer brights?

Sunday, 27th May 10.40am


Ladies Day Fashion Part 2

We're looking at Ladies Day styles that'll grab any judges attention during this racing season. Stylist Judy Gilroy has stayed with us. 5mins

Sunday, 24th Jun 11.40am

Peter Campion Interview

He's played the bloke Kat Slater thought was her long-lost-son, Seana Kirslake's G.B.F, the hot priest in Derry Girls and of course he's the man explaining the dating habits of Irish singletons as the narrator of First Dates Ireland 7mins

Sunday, 24th Jun 11.25am

Prawn Pil Pil

It's time to turn our attention to lunch, Charlo the chef at the Martello Hotel in Bray has stayed with us. We're serving up Prawns Pil Pil. 7mins

Sunday, 24th Jun 11.15am

Share A Dream

The 'Share a Dream' foundation helps hundreds of families around Ireland every year with everything from magical trips to Disneyland to ensuring dreams come true for terminally ill children. One of their latest projects is 'Dreamland' in Limerick, the first inclusive playcenter for disabled children to play alongside their siblings and friends. 7mins

Sunday, 24th Jun 10.45am

Ladies Day Fashion Part 1

Racing season is upon us but how can you ensure the judges spot you among the crowd at Ladies Day? Stylist Judy Gilroy joins us with her top picks. 5mins

Sunday, 24th Jun 10.35am