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Ruth Fitzmaurice Interview

Sunday AM

Film-maker Simon Fitzmaurice wrote and directed the movie 'My Name Is Emily' which premiers tonight on TV3. Having sadly passed away last October, his legacy lives on. 

Sunday, 1st Apr 11.25am


TV Preview

Killian O'Sullivan knows a thing or two about what to watch, he was here with his top picks for the week ahead. 5mins

Sunday, 15th Apr 11.50am

Rainy Fashion Part Two

Whether it's heavy downpours or spring showers, this season is all about style survival! 5mins

Sunday, 15th Apr 11.40am

Brent Pope and Jason Brennan

Brent Pope has co-authored a book with Jason Brennan, which promises to hold strategies for success in sport, life and mental health. 10mins

Sunday, 15th Apr 11.30am

Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake

We're sending ripples around the kitchen with a raspberry ripple cheesecake! 7mins

Sunday, 15th Apr 11.20am

Board Games

Like every other industry Board Games have evolved massively and are now complex battles and works of art. 4mins

Sunday, 15th Apr 10.50am