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John Muldoon

Sunday AM

John Muldoon talks about his fascinating career and his new link-up with another famous institution of the West!

Sunday, 16th Jul 11.10am


Shoulder Fashion Part Two

In fashion today we're looking at shoulders and necklines, with the 'cold shoulder' trend set to carry through to Autumn. 5mins

Sunday, 23rd Jul 11.25am

Almond and chocolate cake

Lizzy Lyons from Lizzy's Little Kitchen in Listowel was back in the kitchen with a delicious recipe for almond and chocolate cake.  6mins

Sunday, 23rd Jul 11.15am

Shoulder Fashion Part One

Stylist Judy Gilroy was with us and today we're concentrating on shoulders and necklines. 6mins

Sunday, 23rd Jul 10.35am

Falafel Burger

It's BBQ season which is a complete meat-fest for most people, but if you're a vegetarian, just what are your options? 5mins

Sunday, 23rd Jul 10.25am

Home Schooling

The numbers of children being home-schooled have almost doubled in recent years to over thirteen hundred.  11mins

Sunday, 23rd Jul 9.15am