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Summer Fashion 1

Sunday AM

Summer is just around the corner, so a staple of most holiday wardrobes over the next few months will be the colour white

Sunday, 30th Apr 10.40am


Sunday, 21st May 11.40am

Stylist Natasha Crowley is back to show us more of her favourite looks for summer. 5mins

Sunday, 21st May 11.40am

Jessica Harrington

Jessica chats about her remarkable year and flying the flag for female trainers in what is predominately a male world. 9mins

Sunday, 21st May 11.15am

Lemon Raspberry Drizzle Loaf

Chef Shane Smith is back with one for the sugar fiends- Lemon Raspberry Drizzle Loaf. 6mins

Sunday, 21st May 11.00am

Dr Eva Orsmond & Jimmy Kelly

Dr Eva Orsmond and Jimmy Kelly talk about type 2 Diabetes and how it's possible to reverse it just as Jimmy has done. 10mins

Sunday, 21st May 10.20am

Summer Style Part 1

Stylist Natasha Crowley shares her top summer picks. 6mins

Sunday, 21st May 10.05am