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Summer Fashion 2

Sunday AM

In fashion today we're showing how to wear a colour that's bound to end up in everyone's holiday wardrobe

Sunday, 30th Apr 11.35am


Shane Lowry

Golfer Shane Lowry was on hand this week to help launch the One for Ireland campaign for youth mental health charities 7mins

Sunday, 30th Apr 11.20am

Gyoza Dumplings

Author of 'Japanese Food made easy', Fiona Uyema has stayed with us to make  6mins

Sunday, 30th Apr 11.15am

Honesty Day

Today marks International Honesty Day when we SHOULD all be telling the truth and avoiding little white lies 9mins

Sunday, 30th Apr 10.55am

Summer Fashion 1

Summer is just around the corner, so a staple of most holiday wardrobes over the next few months will be the colour white 5mins

Sunday, 30th Apr 10.40am

Michael Morpurgo

Author, poet, playwright and librettist, he's best known for the unbridled success of 'War Horse'  10mins

Sunday, 30th Apr 10.25am