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Fashion Part 2

Sunday AM

Stylist Judy Gilroy is back with more styles suitable for a Summer at home here in Ireland. 

Sunday, 23rd Apr 11.40am


Potato and Spinach Curry

Tara Walker, author of 'Good Food No Stress' is back with this Potato and Spinach Curry. 6mins

Sunday, 23rd Apr 11.10am

Fashion Part 1

Stylist Judy Gilroy popped by to show us some Irish weather appropriate Summer styles. 6mins

Sunday, 23rd Apr 10.25am

Handsome Devil

Fionn O'Shea and John Butler from Handsome Devil dropped by for a chat. 10mins

Sunday, 23rd Apr 10.05am

Healthy Nachos

Tara Walker, author of 'Good Food, No Stress' showed us how to make Healthier Nachos. 6mins

Sunday, 23rd Apr 9.05am

Easter Egg Tasting

Today we'd a very scientific experiment to decide the tastiest Easter eggs on the market, basically we ate different eggs and decided which we like the most! 7mins

Sunday, 16th Apr 11.45am