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Bank Holiday Fashion Part 1

Saturday AM

It's the bank holiday weekend so we're showcasing casual styles for anything you might have going on this weekend.  Stylist Rebecca Rose Quigley has joined us.

Saturday, 4th Aug 10.40am


Weekend beer

Beer Expert, Susan Boyle and some of her top picks from the American craft beer scene! 5mins

Saturday, 18th Aug 11.50am

Autumnal Fashion Part Two

We had some more great autumnal looks today.  5mins

Saturday, 18th Aug 11.35am

Emily and Curtis

Emily & Curtis are on a mission to inspire people to improve their mental & physical health through their new project Confidance MDF. 8mins

Saturday, 18th Aug 11.25am

No-bake chocolate raspberry tart

Shane Smith had this delicious recipe for us this morning.  6mins

Saturday, 18th Aug 11.20am

director of nursing at the Tropical Medical Bureau, Siobhan Greh

Director of nursing at the Tropical Medical Bureau, Siobhan Grehan, joined us in studio with her top tips on dealing with insect bites and stings.  9mins

Saturday, 18th Aug 10.45am