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AM: Sun Protection

Saturday AM

Grainne Caldbeck joins us to show us the best sun protection on the market 

Saturday, 2nd Jun 10.00am


Independent Beers

We're celebrating the best of Independent Irish brewing now with some of the best indie beers on the market. Joining us with his favourites is Beer Expert Peter Mosley. 8mins

Saturday, 16th Jun 11.45am

Bridesmaid Fashion Part 2

If you're looking to give your bridesmaids some killer bridal party style, then you've come to the right place. Stylist Sharon Connellan is back with three more ways to dress your BFF's. 5mins

Saturday, 16th Jun 11.20am

Father's Day Gift Guide

It's Father's Day tomorrow, so many of you will set off panic shopping today to find something last minute for your dad. Our own gift fairy, Suzanne Kane has been shopping for some ideas that might make life easier for you today.   8mins

Saturday, 16th Jun 10.45am

Senator David Norris Interview

Between three and six today, the long-standing tradition of songs, readings and performances from Ulysses will take place at Wolfe Tone Square in Dublin.  Supporter of Bloomsday, Senator David Norris will be there and he joins us now.  9mins

Saturday, 16th Jun 10.25am

Bloomsday Breakfast Part 1

In honour of Bloomsday today we're serving up a traditional Bloomsday breakfast. Liam Moloughney from Woodstock in Phibsborough joins us and we're serving Lamb Kidneys. 7mins

Saturday, 16th Jun 10.15am