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BBQ Wines

Saturday AM

The heatwave may have passed but Summer isn't over yet, we're looking at the best red wines to accompany any BBQ recipe now

Saturday, 21st Jul 11.45am


Summer Evening Wear 2

This morning we're looking at Summer evening wear, stylist Joanne Costello has stayed with some of her top picks 6mins

Saturday, 21st Jul 11.35am

Adam and Zara from Love Island

Tommy Martin chats to Adam and Zara from this year's Love Island 7mins

Saturday, 21st Jul 11.20am

Strawberries with Lemon Curd

Tommy Butler from the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel on Dublin's Golden Lane has stayed with us and it's time for dessert. 7mins

Saturday, 21st Jul 11.10am

Summer Evening Wear 1

Stylist Joanne Costello joined us and this morning we're looking at Summer evening wear 5mins

Saturday, 21st Jul 10.45am

Astrophysicist Pearse Murphy

Laura Woods was joined by astrophysicist, Pearse Murphy who is going to give me a lesson on making a dry ice comet 5mins

Saturday, 21st Jul 10.35am