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Paramedic Paul Traynor is flown by the Athlone air ambulance to a farm where a farmer has been injured by a falling hay bale weighing half a tonne

Thursday, 12th Apr 9.00pm


In Dublin, paramedics Jim and Kevin are returning to base when they hear a call from a fellow ambulance crew who are under attack on the street 43mins

Thursday, 19th Apr 9.00pm


Cork paramedic crew Denise and Imelda respond to a cardiac arrest in Cork city centre 42mins

Thursday, 29th Mar 9.00pm

Series 2 Episode 6 | Respond

Peter Delea and Imelda O'Shea reunite for one last night-shift together and face the darkest of rescues when a man jumps into the River Lee. 46mins

Wednesday, 14th Dec 8.30pm

Series 2 Episode 5 | Listen

Waterford paramedic Joe Winters and his nephew, advanced paramedic Derek Burke, respond to a call concerning a possible drowning victim 45mins

Wednesday, 7th Dec 8.30pm

Series 2 Episode 4 | Lost in Translation

A tourist in Limerick collapses and suffers a serious head wound, but the paramedic team reveals how to cope with a medical emergency 46mins

Wednesday, 30th Nov 8.30pm