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Red Rock

Red Rock

Rory thinks his troubles are over until his grandad's gun is discovered in Laser's secret warehouse.

Monday, 8th May 9.00pm

Red Rock

A night in the cells has shaken Keith to his core and he realises that working with gangsters is not a good idea.  43mins

Monday, 22nd May 9.00pm

Red Rock

Sharon tracks down an undercover crime journalist who could be the key to cracking the case against Rory. 44mins

Monday, 15th May 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 8

Rory is involved in a shocking showdown at Laser's warehouse. An unsuspecting Keith is caught in a shootout, and Patricia must finally tell Johno the truth about the fire 42mins

Monday, 1st May 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 7

Refusing to back down without a fight, Jim confronts a gang of thuggish youngsters who have been tormenting him day and night.  43mins

Monday, 24th Apr 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 6

Laser comes under scrutiny when Sharon bugs his hideout. Meanwhile a terrifying Bridget is overcome with power and greed and snaps at a money lending client 44mins

Monday, 17th Apr 9.00pm