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Series 2, Episode 57

Red Rock

Baby Luke is kidnapped and Katie is distraught as a manhunt is launched to find David and the child

Monday, 13th Feb 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 7

Refusing to back down without a fight, Jim confronts a gang of thuggish youngsters who have been tormenting him day and night.  43mins

Monday, 24th Apr 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 6

Laser comes under scrutiny when Sharon bugs his hideout. Meanwhile a terrifying Bridget is overcome with power and greed and snaps at a money lending client 44mins

Monday, 17th Apr 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 5

Sharon crosses the line in her attempts to trace the missing Robbie Scanlon. Linda, the new detective's clerk. 44mins

Monday, 10th Apr 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 4

Sharon is gravely injured and her life hangs in the balance. Niamh reaches breaking point and finds comfort in the arms of Rory.  44mins

Monday, 3rd Apr 9.00pm

Series 3, Episode 3

TV3’s hottest property, Red Rock, bursts onto our screens with an explosive debut. 42mins

Monday, 27th Mar 9.00pm