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If you play with fire, you get burned.

Red Rock

Paudge’s life has started to burn out of control. Can he take the heat or will he let his career go up in smoke?

Saturday, 17th Oct 3.30pm

Red Rock

Rory's web of lies and secrecy threatens to unravel.  43mins

Wednesday, 31st May 10.00pm

Red Rock

A decomposed foot is discovered in the depths of the woods and Dunne is horrified when the body is identified.  43mins

Tuesday, 30th May 10.00pm

Red Rock

A search of the woods throws up a shocking revelation for Sharon.  43mins

Monday, 29th May 10.00pm


A night in the cells has shaken Keith to his core and he realises that working with gangsters is not a good idea.  43mins

Monday, 22nd May 9.00pm


Sharon tracks down an undercover crime journalist who could be the key to cracking the case against Rory. 44mins

Monday, 15th May 9.00pm