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Saturday February 3rd

Ireland's Got Talent

Lucy Kennedy presents the series in which performers from all over the country seek to win a cash prize of 50,000 euros and a chance to star in their own TV show

Saturday, 3rd Feb 7.30pm


IGT: Viva Dance

This ballroom dance troupe looked to impress the judges with their exciting moves 3mins

Saturday, 24th Feb 8.20pm

IGT: Trinitones

College acapella choir boys with a twist 5mins

Saturday, 24th Feb 8.15pm

IGT: Tommy Baker

This puppetry teacher wants to be as big as Jim Henson.  2mins

Saturday, 24th Feb 8.10pm

IGT: Michelle Grimes

22 year old Michelle is already a showbiz veteran and brings her musical skills to the stage hoping the judges put her through 6mins

Saturday, 24th Feb 8.05pm

IGT: Martin McGuiness

50 year old Farmer Martin looks to show another side of his personality to the judges 4mins

Saturday, 24th Feb 8.00pm