2nd Jan 13 | TV News

This week on Coronation Street sees Fiz fighting for her life with carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a faulty boiler. Viewers see the soap favourite left fighting for her life when she is found unconscious at home on New Year’s Eve.

Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz in the soap, explains: "Since Christmas Day Fiz's boiler has been acting up and the house is cold. At the same time, she starts to feel flu-like but she thinks she might be hungover. The symptoms are quite similar to feeling flu-like or feeling sick.”

Corrie fans see Fiz rushed to hospital in critical condition. Her collapse comes days after her boiler is not fixed properly by friend Tyrone Dobbs, played by Alan Halsall. Alan explains how Tyrone feels when he learns that he is the one to blame: “He feels guilty, she might die and it would be his fault. He thought he could fix the boiler because he fixes cars, but of course he is not qualified at all and it was such a risky thing to do. But he also knows that if he comes clean about messing with the boiler then Kirsty will know he was at the house and the whole affair will be exposed. He confides in Tommy but doesn’t come clean to anyone else.”

Jennie, who has played single mum Fiz for 12 years, revealed that the carbon monoxide storyline is already saving lives: "Corrie has researched this so well. There are people who are affected and die every year from something that could be very easily eliminated. I've been told that the publicity surrounding the plotline has saved lives already. Hopefully it will get people to check their boilers and get carbon monoxide monitors.”

An average of six people in Ireland die every year from accidental Carbon Monoxide poisoning according to figures compiled by the HSE. Bord Gáis Networks is hoping that the storyline will have a similar effect on Carbon Monoxide awareness in Ireland, and is advertising safety messages and advice around the soap on TV3.

Fergal McGrath, Public Affairs & Media Manager, Bord Gáis Networks, says: “We hope that this storyline will remind viewers of the three key messages from the recent Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week;

• Remember the Causes: Carbon Monoxide can be produced when any fuel is burnt including oil, gas, wood and coal

• Remember to service: To prevent Carbon Monoxide, have your appliances serviced annually by a registered gas installer, registered oil technician or qualified service agent for your fuel type and keep vents, flues and chimneys clear

• Remember the alarm: Carbon Monoxide is odourless and colourless so for added protection install an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm.”

Further information on Carbon Monoxide is available on www.carbonmonoxide.ie or by contacting 1850 79 79 79


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