Crossfire premieres on TV3 this Friday

26th Mar 14 | TV News

TV3’s brand new prime-time quiz show Crossfire premieres on TV3 this Friday 28th March 2014 at 8pm.

TV3’s brand new prime-time quiz show Crossfire premieres on TV3 this Friday 28th March 2014 at 8pm. The third major production from the TV3 Sony HD Studio in 2014, Crossfire is set to be a hit with viewers. Presented by Sean Moncrieff, the series premiere sees contestants Ray Tobin (52), a sales and customer care consultant from Dublin, Craig McMahon (28), a prison guard from Dublin, Christine Kwak (35), a pharmaceutical technician from Offaly and Dan O’Malley (39), an IT manager from Dublin face the pressure of the fast paced quiz show as they compete to force each other out of the game.

Each of the contestants undergo the pressure of three diverse rounds of general knowledge questioning, where they each compete to force each other out of the game, and ultimately attempt to win €2000. Competitors must get their answers correct in order to attack the opposition. The tension mounts as the rounds go by, with the winner staying on to the next show, all in the hope of potentially winning big if they can stay on avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

TV3 will also air a number of celebrity versions of the show which will see well-known names play for a charity of their choice.   

Crossfire host, Sean Moncrieff, said: “This is a game show I’d genuinely love to play and I know viewers will be at home shouting out the answers at the TV. The format of the game means contestants will be singled out from early on, which of course makes for great telly! Ultimately contestants must avoid getting caught in the crossfire – a very difficult task when the questions are being fired at them and the clock starts ticking!”

Jeff Ford, TV3 Group Director of Content, said: “Crossfire is another superb, big entertainment game show to come from 3Studios. The format is extremely engaging and the high quality set design is second to none. Sean Moncrieff is a fantastic host and perfectly complements the style of the show.

We are already seeing an extremely positive reaction to our new entertainment shows, in particular with The Lie which has got off to a superb start. International broadcasters are noticing the output from 3Studios and I very much look forward to showcasing our 3Studios productions and co-productions at MIP in April.”

Other recent shows to come out of the TV3 Sony HD Studio include Keith Barry: Brain Hacker and The Lie hosted by Jonathan McCrea, both of which have exceeded expectations by attracting impressive audiences at peak times. Keith Barry: Brain Hacker reached over 1.6 million viewers in its six week run while The Lie which first premiered on TV3 on February 17th is averaging 209,100 viewers nightly, an impressive 13.5% share. Both shows have also attracted interest from international broadcasters and will be showcased alongside Crossfire at MIP in Cannes this April. TV3 is also currently in talks with three other big co production partners about new entertainment shows.  .

The TV3 Sony HD Studio is also home to a new current affairs programme THE PEOPLE’S DEBATE with VINCENT BROWNE which returns on Wednesday 2nd April. The motion for debate this time is: ‘The liberation of women in Ireland has yet to be accomplished’.

Crossfire – the game show where points are deadly, premieres this Friday 28th March at 8pm on TV3.

Crossfire will broadcast weekly on TV3 every Monday and Friday at 8pm.