Jonathan McCrea to host ‘The Lie’

2nd Dec 13 | TV News

TV3 announces Jonathan McCrea as the presenter of brand new game show ‘The Lie’.

TV3 is delighted to announce multi award-winning broadcaster and journalist Jonathan McCrea as the presenter of its new big money game show ‘The Lie’ which will begin filming in December.


The former presenter of popular series ‘The Science Squad’ will host TV3’s general knowledge game show where all contestants have to do is spot ‘The Lie’!


TV3 is delighted to announce multi award-winning broadcaster and journalist Jonathan McCrea as the presenter of its brand new big money game show The Lie. The Dublin man, who graduated from a DCU Communications degree in 1997, will front the brand new exhilarating game show that gives contestants the chance to win big money.


Jonathan currently presents Futureproof on Newstalk 106-108. The weekly science programme won the PPI for ‘Best Specialist Speech Programme’ in 2012 and is nominated again this year. Since 2012, he has presented series one and two of the popular programme The Science Squad.


Jonathan is also the resident technology expert for The Right Hook with George Hook on Newstalk 106-108, providing advice, guidance and the latest reviews on consumer technology. He has written on science and technology for the Irish Independent, Silicon Republic Newstalk’s iPad magazine and other outlets. For six years, Jonathan hosted the popular phone-in talk show The Spin on Spin 1038 which won a PPI award for ‘Best Speech Programme’ in 2010 and was nominated again in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


The Lie will see contestants attempt to survive a nail-biting series of rounds, risking an increasing amount of cash on their ability to spot the lie. In each round they are faced with a series of statements in a chosen category, from pop culture to current affairs. There will always be one lie but as they get closer to the jackpot, the number of true statements and inevitably the number of pitfalls increase. The anticipation levels rise as the rounds go by, with the lies becoming more difficult to spot. This is a game of strategy, risk-taking and intelligence…and with a bit of luck, it may just lead you and your quiz partner to the jackpot!


Speaking about his new role, Jonathan said: “I'm really excited to be presenting Ireland's brand new quiz show, ‘The Lie’.  I've always thought the best game shows are the really simple ones, where you don't get distracted by the rules.  That's ‘The Lie’ in a nutshell; it's really easy to understand, but really challenging to play.  This game is all about strategy and how much you can trust your partner on the day.  The drama for the viewer is in watching people deal with the pressure when the clock is ticking and there's 10,000 Euro up for grabs.  The tension in the run-throughs has been almost unbearable... I can't wait until we play for real!”


Brand new series The Lie will be Executive Produced by Gary Chippington for STV Productions, Andrew Byrne for TV3 Studios and Abigail Adams and Richard Foster for Group M Entertainment. The Lie sees 3studios continue its journey in investing in new Irish primetime content utilizing the new state of the art SONY HD studio facilities on the TV3 campus.


Filming for The Lie begins in TV3’s SONY HD Studio on Monday 9th December while the 10x30” episodes will air on TV3 in the New Year.