Jessica Alba: 'I'm teaching my girls how to be a boss'

17th Jul 17 | Family

Actress/entrepreneur and mother-of-two Jessica Alba is training her children to be company women rather than showbusiness stars.

Jessica Alba arriving at The Honest Company's building on her Birthday

The 36-year-old co-founder of The Honest Company, which champions chemical-free household and beauty products, travels non-stop for work and takes her eldest daughter, Honor, nine, with her whenever she can, so they can fully appreciate what their mother does for a living.

"I like getting her (Honor) out of her comfort zone and throwing her into new environments," she told website PopSugar while in New York City for a business event this week (ends14Jul17).

"I've been bringing her to New York since she was four months old. I like not having a (baby)sitter and having her eat different food and sleep in a different bed and be around different kinds of people."

Although she has been acting since she was a child herself, Jessica hopes her kids won't follow in her showbiz footsteps. In fact, she relishes the thought that they did not know their mum was a movie star until school friends told them.

"I try not to put too much emphasis on that," she insists.

Instead, the Sin City star takes Honor and her five-year-old sister Haven to her Playa Vista, California Honest Company headquarters for a little on-site future entrepreneur training.

"They have a lot of questions like, 'Who's the boss of you and who's the boss of everyone here?'" she explains. "They really want to know about that, because I tell them I'm the boss of them at home and I'm like, 'It's a little different than that. We're working towards the same goal.'"

She continues, "I think if you expose kids to stuff early enough and you give them just enough information about it, they can digest and get it."

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