Steve Carell: 'I give my kids Father's Day gift wish lists months in advance'

18th Jun 17 | Family

Comedian Steve Carell is absolutely transparent about his Father's Day desires - he gives his kids wish lists months ahead of the holiday.

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The Little Miss Sunshine star shares daughter Elisabeth, 16, and son John, 13, with his wife Nancy and the 54-year-old funnyman is expecting his teenage children to lavish him with gifts while America observes the holiday on Sunday (18Jun17).

"Father's Day is coming up so I'm very excited and I really -- I start months in advance giving them lists of things that I want," he tells ET Online. "They let me sleep in, so I usually get up about 8 in the morning (on that day). And I get breakfast in bed, which is usually pancakes and bacon."

Carell is normally gifted with novelty mugs on Father's Day and the treat he received last year (16) was particularly memorable for him.

"The one I got last year was a mug that says, 'Coffee makes me poop,'" he laughs. "That was from my son and he just loved (it) -- he could not wait for me to open it."

However, when it comes to fatherhood, Steve jokes being a parent has had no affect on him: "It didn't change me at all," he quips before observing, "You know, people say being a parent changes you (but) it's the same. It's like, if you were a jerk before you had kids, you're still a jerk. If you were a nice person, you actually might be a jerk."

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