First Dates pays heartbreaking tribute to dater who passed away

19th Dec 17 | News

This is so sad

There was a heartbreaking twist at the end of last night’s First Dates when viewers discovered that 71 year old Norman who had hit it off with his date in the restaurant, had sadly passed away.

Norman was matched up with 74 year old Margaret and the pair chatted happily about their love of music.

As the show revisited the couple at the end of the show initially we thought it was going to be a happy ending as Norman had taken Margaret on several dates after the show.

But sadly it was revealed that Norman, whose motto was to live life to the full, had died in Greece.

“After going on several dates, Norman took Margaret to a Masonic ladies night.”

“Norman’s motto was to live life to the full. At 72, Norman’s love for life took him to Greece where he sadly passed away surrounded by the family he adored.”



And viewers shared their sympathies with his family on Twitter.