Lidl are warning people about this new SCAM thatís circulating

23rd Mar 18 | News

Watch out for this one…

Lidl Ireland are warning their customers about another new scam that’s circulating at the minute.

The German retailer was alerted the text message scam and took to social media to warn people NOT to engage with the message.



The fake text message, which appears to be sent from LIDL reads: “Happy Wednesday! There is (1) Big Surprise Package waiting for you! Re: UPS-901753-PRIORITY

Last reminder to pick it up >>”

The message is followed by a link, which if clicked on, will reportedly automatically charge you.

This is another in a long line of phone scams that have been doing the rounds in recent months.

The general advice is always to be very vigilant clicking on any links, avoid links from unknown sources completely and always beware of unknown numbers.