Metallica didn't want 'massage movie'

1st Oct 13 | Music & Movies


Metallica wanted to ensure their new concert movie had a "dramatic narrative".

Metallica were determined not to show themselves "getting massaged and in a prayer circle" in their new movie.

Metallica: Through The Never is a concert film with a difference. It follows a roadie called Trip as he is sent on a surreal adventure during a show the rock band is putting on and the storyline is interspersed with footage from the group's concerts.

Drummer and founding member of the band Lars Ulrich knew he wanted something completely fresh when the idea of a picture was first discussed.

"Metallica love to be out of their comfort zone and doing projects that are not what we know. The idea came up that we would weave a dramatic narrative into a concert. On most concert films it's just backstage footage - like they are getting massaged, or here they are in a prayer circle or high-fiving each other..." he laughed to British newspaper Metro.

Lars was adamant his idea was good one, although many people initially disagreed. He spent 18 months trawling Hollywood for someone as passionate about the plan as he was and eventually found director Nimród Antal, who he called "edgy and crazy".

Although the rockers want the film to be successful, they didn't let their egos get in the way. Rather than selecting their favourite tracks, they made sure only the ones which really fitted the brief made it into the final cut.

"It's not like we went for songs better or more well-known. But we picked the songs that filmed the best and lent themselves better to this concept. There are some of our most famous songs that didn't make it into the film, so it wasn't about that," he said.

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