Josh Duhamel hates being typecast

21st Aug 13 | Music & Movies

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel needs people to believe in him and trust him with grittier projects.

Josh Duhamel thinks people put him "in a box".

The actor found fame on soap opera All My Children and has since starred in romantic films such as Safe Haven and Life as We Know It.

His latest project is gritty drama Scenic Route, which he also helped produce.

Josh is happy to finally prove that he can step outside of his career comfort zone.

"I think it's a matter of when you first start out you have to take what you can get and it's tough because people want to put you in a certain type of box early on. I come from a soap opera and I've got some romantic comedies, and it's hard to convince people that you can do things other than that," he told

"That's what I've always wanted and am still looking to do that. I'm always looking to change it up and prove people wrong, that I can do more than they think I can. I've read scripts that I've liked before, but this one was the first time something said, 'You know what? We think you can pull it off.' That's all I needed, somebody to believe in me that I can be more than what they've seen."

In Scenic Route, Josh is on a road trip with his friend when their truck breaks down on an isolated desert road.

The film explores what happens when people are left to rely on their animal instincts, which took its toll on the actor.

"This was both a physical and highly emotional movie. First of all, it was a lot of dialogue. It was extremely dense, it was nuanced, it was really, really, really well written so that helped. But just the mental sort of commitment that it took to prepare for this thing was a lot more than I'd ever taken on," he admitted.

"Then the physical side of it was you're out there immersed in this... it wasn't claustrophobic but you're in the middle of this giant desert. There's nowhere for you to go; you're sort of trapped."

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