Michael Jackson 'explosive evidence expected'

8th Jul 13 | Music & Movies

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's family think new evidence will have a dramatic effect on the on-going wrongful death trial.

Michael Jackson's family hope new evidence will help "rip the trial wide open".

The star's mother Katherine Jackson is suing concert promoter AEG Live, claiming Michael was pushed into the series of shows he was preparing for when he died in 2009.

The singer's late manager Frank DiLeo's personal computer is to be handed to courts today. According to the New York Post, lawyers for Michael's three children and Katherine hope the hard drive contains evidence about the singer's passing.

"If there are new e-mails on his computer... it could rip the trial wide open," an insider explained. "Frank knew where all the bodies were buried."

It is thought Frank left a tell-all book with a colleague when he died in 2011, with suggestions it could be on the computer. The manuscript is held by Mark Lamica and it's thought to contain secrets about the late star.

"The truth has to be told," Frank reportedly said before his death. "I'm going to set the record straight once and for all."

Frank's computer was apparently first requested in the wrongful death trial in April, but was not produced due to issues with his daughter Belinda DiLeo.

Last week courts vowed to jail Belinda if she didn't bring the computer to be examined by today.

"First she said she didn't have it, but then she miraculously found it, and she's handing it in on Monday," a source told the publication.

The King of Pop's mother claims AEG Live is responsible for the star's death as it hired Dr Conrad Murray. Murray administered the dose of anaesthetic Propofol which caused Michael's death and has been jailed for his involuntary manslaughter.

The jury have already heard testimony from Michael Jackson's hair and make-up person, Karen Faye. Karen told jurors that she had emailed Michael's manager Frank five days before his death, warning him the singer may die.

AEG executives deny any wrongdoing. Their lawyer Marvin Putnam has claimed Murray was hired at Michael's insistence. Marvin told New York Post that his clients aren't fazed by the new evidence emerging.

"Unfortunately, this is yet another attempt by plaintiffs to distract the press with a sideshow," he said.

"[My clients] look forward to the production of Frank DiLeo's computer. Mr DiLeo's documents will only confirm what the defendants have said all along - that the defendants were never aware that Dr Conrad Murray was administering powerful anaesthetics to Michael Jackson in Michael Jackson's private bedroom at night behind locked doors."

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