Hang on, have we been putting our bras on wrong all this time?

16th Oct 17 | Lifestyle

Say it ain't so.

Woman unbuttoning brassiere

If you’re a bra-wearer, we’ve got some big news for you: It’s likely you’ve been doing it wrong all your life.

Twitter user Brittany Packnett posted this bra label showing you how to put it on correctly, and the method isn’t what you’d expect.

Most of us would put on the bra – probably using the middle hook – and then just leave it at that. What’s all this gathering breasts and tightening straps business about?!

It’s advice from American-based lingerie brand ThirdLove, but the instructions could be applied to all bras.

The revelation left Brittany gobsmacked.

Safe to say few amongst us would adjust the straps once a year, let alone once a month.

Like most women, Brittany almost didn’t bother looking at the instruction label. We’ve been putting on bras since we were pre-teens, surely we know how to do it?

But she did end up reading the label…

The best thing? Brittany says she can now barely feel the bra.

We turned to the experts to find out if this really was the right way to do things. Bluebella lingerie brand director Janet Mudge, says: “The method on the tag is actually the correct way to put a bra on – many high-street retailers train their bra fitters this way and it is the way you should put a bra on – the issue often is that many women simply find it easier to put a bra on from the front and then move it around the body.

“Bra elastics will always stretch over time, depending on how they are worn and laundered, and so adjusting the straps regularly is important to ensure correct fit. A well-fitting correctly sized bra improves posture and really does make your outerwear look even better!”

The revelations have shocked people, and some are excited to try the ‘new’ method recommended by the professionals.

Some are less surprised…

However, some people aren’t quite ready to shun their normal bra-wearing method.

Who knew putting on bras would prove to be such a contentious topic?!

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