These are the cooking tips everyone should know, according to Reddit

16th Sep 17 | Lifestyle

These are the hacks you need in the kitchen.

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Unless you’re a professionally trained chef or just an expert in the kitchen, we’re all looking for tricks and hacks to improve our cooking.

Thankfully, people have taken to Reddit to share the cooking tips that everyone should know. Some might be familiar to you already, but the ones that aren’t will blow your mind.

Wooden spoons at the ready, because your cooking is about to become a whole lot easier and tastier.

Jazz up your rice

Rice is a staple in many of our diets, but there’s no reason for it to be bland. White rice doesn’t just have to be a plain accompaniment to whatever delicious dish you’re making, because it can be just as tasty in itself.

Astramancer_ says: “Spice the water when you make rice unless for some reason you want plain white rice.”

Mewn’s tip is even easier, if you don’t have a bunch of spices to hand. They say: “I always toss a chicken stock cube into the (jasmine) rice water. Stir it when it dissolves though!!! Or you’ll end up with plain rice with a salty black spot somewhere.”

Less is more

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It’s a common misconception that to be a successful cook, you need all the bells and whistles. So many of us tend to overthink our cooking and keep on adding more to the pot, when it really doesn’t need to be so fussy.

Incondite22 advises: “You don’t need to use lots of different ingredients or go for complex flavours, sometimes less is more.”

kittenlover27 agrees with this point, saying something we can almost always agree with: “Simple tastes good.”

Watch your garlic

Garlic is undoubtedly a tasty addition to any dish – unless, of course, you’re making a dessert.

By all means add the ingredient to lift up your meals, but Pollyjuice22 warns: “Don’t burn the garlic.”

Heed DrasticGoDown’s cautionary tale: “I burnt garlic once while making a sauce. Usually I throw in my garlic and onions to cook just a little before dumping in the tomato stuff, but I got distracted and left the garlic in too long.

“Sadly the only thing you could taste was the flavour of overcooked garlic. Bleugh. Never again.”

As anyone who has burnt garlic before well knows, there’s nothing worse than that pungent smell lingering in your kitchen.

Be adventurous

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Particularly if you’re a cooking novice, it’s likely you’re not particularly confident in your abilities and are blindly following the recipe to a tee.

However, it’s time to be a little bit more adventurous – the recipe isn’t always foolproof, and you might be able to add some things to improve it. RabidMortal advises: “Be flexible and adapt. Ingredients will vary and you need to test for seasoning or done-ness as you go. Don’t follow a recipe dogmatically.”

However, there is an exception to this rule: baking.

dafatbunny2 points out: “Cooking is art, be creative. Baking is science, follow the recipe.”

Always follow a recipe for cakes or breads to the letter – because unlike cooking, baking is more like chemistry and changing the quantities even a little bit will alter whatever you’re making completely. No one wants a flat cake that failed to rise, do they?

Speaking of baking…

We’re just going to leave this tip from notasugarbabybutok here, because it’s going to transform your cake decorating.

They say: “When frosting a cake, always crumb coat. That is, frost with a thin layer of buttercream to lock in crumbs, and pop in the fridge for 20-30 minutes. When you pull it out, you’ll have a nice solid surface to frost, and you won’t get any visible crumbs/bumps, which will make it look much more professional.”

Keep a keen eye on your seasoning

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Seasoning can make or break a meal. Too much and it risks overpowering the dish, but too little could mean that the food is bland.

5meterhammer is a pro chef who shares their top tip: “When seasoning or flavouring anything you cook, remember, you can always add, but you can never take away. As in, you throw way too much salt in that soup you’ve busted your ass making all day, it’s ruined, but if it’s not salty enough, all you got to do is add a little more.”

Popples86 adds to this recommendation, advising: “Taste as you cook so you don’t over or under season.” That’s also a good way to make sure you don’t fall prey to hunger when cooking, if you ask us.


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Unless you’re on the raw food diet, heat is incredibly important in cooking. Because we lead such busy lives and want to get our food on the table ASAP, many of us are guilty of whacking up the heat to cook things as quickly as possible.

However, huuaaang is here to tell you why this is such a bad idea: “Turning up the heat does not make things cook faster. If it says low simmer, set the burner to low! If you have it too hot, the outside will just burn before it’s cooked through. Or you’ll burn food on the bottom of the pan/pot.”

It’ll end up making more work for you when you have to clean the pan at the end, and your food won’t be particularly well cooked. Instead, stick to a low heat to let the flavours have more of a chance to come together.

Use your common sense

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There were some other tips shared on the Reddit thread that we hope you already know, but we’ll put them here anyway – just in case.

Admiral_Burrito warns with what seems like personal experience: “Never fry something while nude.” Ouch.

porpie’s piece of advice is similarly sorrowful: “Don’t forget to turn on the oven when cooking Thanksgiving turkey.” That sure would have been one awkward holiday meal.

And finally, poppunkid’s PSA: “ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. I almost burned my whole school down.” Solid advice.

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