Experts issue WARNING about detox teas containing THIS ingredient

13th Sep 17 | Lifestyle

Experts are warning people that drinking detox teas with this ingredient could be dangerous for their health.

Teatoxes have become increasingly popular in the past few years with endless posts about their benefits littered across bloggers and influencers Instagram pages.

They usually claim to be a quick fix to help you lose weight, reduce bloating and clean out your system all by natural methods.

But there’s more to these products than meets the eye…

The Advertising Standards Association issued a complaint against an ad for Flat Tummy Tea as promoted by Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei on Instagram

The ad has since been deleted as the ASA said that the company "did not hold scientific data to support their claims that the tea ingredients could help with water weight loss".

And experts are now warning people about these detox teas as many of them contain senna, which is a natural ingredient but is classified by the NHS as a medication used to treat constipation.

Dr Chloe Hall told the “Detox teas often contain senna, which is a laxative. These irritate the stomach lining and can cause cramps and diarrhoea,”

She also warns that drinking these detox teas can also disrupt electrolyte balance in the body and lead to long term heart damage and these teas can be particularly dangerous for IBS sufferers.

Harley Street nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert added: "Senna works by stimulating your colon to contract more than normal, forcing out essential water and electrolytes along with faecal matter.”

“While this loss of bulk can make you feel and look slimmer short term, it has no impact on fat loss, because calories from food are absorbed in your small intestine long before it gets to the colon. Senna should only be for very short term use but these detox teas suggest long term stints and repetition which is worrying,”