How exercise can enhance your mind

3rd Nov 16 | Lifestyle

We all know exercise can improve our physiques, but are we aware of the positive impact it has on our minds?

How exercise can enhance your mind

Research by the American Heart Association shocked us all last month (Oct16) when it was found over-exercising while upset could triple the chances of a heart attack.

But we shouldn't let this daunting discovery put us off working up a sweat as not only does exercise help us get into shape, but it also does wonders for our mind.

Fitness organisation Les Mills U.K. has listed to Cover Media some reasons why exercise is so vital when it comes to improving mental wellbeing.

Boosts self confidence

No matter what your size, as soon as you begin to exercise there's nothing stopping you from immediately feeling better about yourself. By working towards a goal and getting into a routine, ones self-image becomes a lot more positive, and self-esteem slowly increases to spur us on.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Thanks to the endorphins released during exercise you are likely to feel a sensation of euphoria and happiness while working out. It's previously been found that exercise can reduce symptoms of depression, which is a MASSIVE plus. To make it even more fun, work out with friends for guaranteed giggles.

Helps us relax

Skip the herbal sleeping tablet or pillow spray; a good workout can do a world of wonders when it comes to your sleeping habits. By getting into a schedule your body will adapt to a cycle of work, rest, recover, which can result in a soundless night's slumber. Even just 15 minutes of exercise before dinner in the evenings could be enough to get your mind and body ready for bed.

Makes us more productive

Studies have found that employees who exercise regularly do a lot more in their work place and have more energy than those who simply sit down all day long. So, it seems as though fitness can make our mind's sharp too, which is certainly a plus when it comes to the first two points; the better you are at your job, the more content you'll feel.

Lastly, a little bonus exercise has on our diets; another hormone released during exercise is dopamine, known as the 'reward chemical'. Rather than reaching for a bar of chocolate after a jog you'll be feeling good enough already thanks to the dopamine, and over time it will reduce your craving for sugary foods.

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