How to get crispy chicken skin - people on Twitter are swearing by this weird hairdryer hack

23rd Mar 18 | Lifestyle

Take heed if you're in charge of the Sunday roast.

Roast chicken with potato and mushrooms

Crispy skin is the holy grail for any roast chicken, and meat-lovers will try almost anything to nail it.

The newest hack to sweep the internet uses something you probably already have in your house: A hairdryer.

New Yorker food correspondent Helen Rosner was indulging in some home cooking when she discovered the nifty trick; blasting her chicken with a hairdryer before popping it in the oven.

There’s logic to it – the hairdryer removes all moisture from the skin so it becomes extra-crisp in the oven.

And just take a look at the finished product…

It’s not the only thing Rosner does to make sure she gets chicken skin that shatters perfectly when you bite into it.

Rosner served her chicken with fennel and shallots, which looked extra tasty.

Other Twitter users have since jumped in to confirm that hair drying your chicken is a legit tip.

Minds have been blown by this hairdrying hack, and it seems scores of people will be giving it a go themselves this weekend.

And as Rosner was using a Dyson hairdryer, it was perhaps inevitable the brand would get involved…

Maybe Dyson should start marketing itself as a master of cooking products as well as beauty gadgets from now on?

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