Fitness lovers... you can actually indulge this Easter with this whey protein Easter egg

23rd Mar 18 | Lifestyle

Time to ring in the four day weekend in a seriously smug fashion, guys.


If you’re into health and fitness, you’ll know that Easter Sunday (a 24-hour session of chocolate gorging) isn’t the easiest of days to fit into your nutrition plan. While we’d never deny ourselves something sweet in moderation, most shop-bought eggs are packed full of not-so-healthy ingredients, and some have over 160 grams of sugar per egg.

Usually, you’re either forced to cave on your good intentions and dive head-first into a sugar frenzy, or act as the party buzzkill, sullenly eyeballing everyone you know getting in on the egg action while you miserably sip on your chia seed smoothie.

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But no more.

Never again will you have to sacrifice your gains on the most chocolatey day of the year again, because someone has made an Easter egg made out of whey protein.

Yes that’s right, there’s now an actual protein egg for the sweet-toothed weightlifter in your life.

Dreamed up by fitness brand Whey Protein, its made from cocoa butter and whey protein isolate, and boasts three times more protein and 50% less sugar that popular supermarket eggs.

We’ve had a quick check on the back of the box and have calculated that there’s 23 grams of sugar per 100 gram of egg, which is way less than some of the Nestle and Cadbury options on the shelves.

But since NHS guidelines recommend that women should eat no more than 90 grams of sugar per day, and men 120 grams, we wouldn’t advise scoffing the whole egg down in one go.

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As well as the main event, the box also comes with two high-protein chocolate bars that you can throw in your gym bag and enjoy after a sweaty gym sesh.

If you fancy getting in on the action and buying one for yourself (or ‘accidentally’ leaving an internet tab open so your partner gets the hint) the eggs can be purchased for £12.99 from the My Protein website.

We already feel way less guilty about spending Easter Sunday vertical on the sofa….

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