Diane Kruger: Lagerfeld gave me confidence boost

27th Feb 13 | Fashion

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger says Karl Lagerfeld's encouragement about her looks gave her confidence to pursue her modelling career.

Diane Kruger was first aware she was "pretty" when Karl Lagerfeld told her so.

The actress discovered her talent for modelling when she visited Paris aged 15 after winning a competition in Germany.

The blonde beauty says meeting the Chanel frontman and becoming his muse was a turning point in her life.

"Before then I had never been called pretty," Diane told Manhattan magazine.

The striking star appears on the cover of the magazine dressed in designer black and white clothes with vintage Chanel jewellery.

She revealed her path into modelling, which led to her pursuing a career as an actress, was accidental.

Diane discovered the fashion industry after a knee injury put a stop to her dreams of being a ballerina when she was 13.

"I started some modelling and won the Elite Look of the Year in Germany," she recalled about her first steps into the fashion industry.

Although she didn't win the international competition held in New York, Diane caught the eye of an Elite scout while in the US.

Diane was then advised to go to France.

"'Come to Paris, we'll see,' is what she said," Diane recalled. "[I promised my mother I would behave] and I did!"

Diane arrived in the French fashion capital aged 15.

Within three years she had been singled out by Karl Lagerfeld as a Chanel muse.

She remains fiercely loyal to the fashion house ever since.

"It was huge to be financially independent, and I loved the travel," Diane explained.

Diane started to secure more and more modelling work.

She was able to move to New York as a result, where she worked for Dior and Vuitton, before pursuing a career as an actress.

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